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Meanjin - Brisbane




As a music producer, DJ and DJ teacher, GR3Y doesn’t believe in boxing yourself in.

Coming from an experienced background of staying awake for too long, GR3Y's DJ sets are as in-your-face as they are contagiously fun. Expect the dancefloor to be involuntarily and passionately roused, no matter the occasion. Moving between sonic darkness and light, a typical GR3Y set is playful - but always hard and fast.

From running a series of successful queer club nights, Passiona, at The Brightside in Brisbane in 2017 to playing 4D Festival 2021, GR3Y has had many years both managing and playing music events. You may have seen them light up the stage at events such as Shandy, Yonder Music Festival, Le Fag, Partiboi69, Ben UFO and Club Immaterial.

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