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Naarm - Melbourne




Chains and harnesses make up the hard armoured exterior that MARSH LONG equips shortly before making her way onto stage. It is her way of tapping into confidence and defiance that she otherwise feels distant from.

MARSH LONG is an artist who has found her love in music since a very young age. Growing up learning music from a young age has set MARSH LONG on a musical journey that has found her in a place that is anything but the familiar setting of classical piano and violin.

Her life has been a kaleidoscope of colourful characters and costumes. She has played at many of Australia’s famous venues like The Gasometer Hotel, Kinselas Hotel, Harpoon Harry, Chasers Nightclub, Revolver Upstairs, Glamorama Nightclub, Xe54, Sub Club Melbourne, MyAeon, New Guernica, Brown Alley, The Third Day, Circus Nightclub, The Emerson, The Dove Club, 24 Moons and Inflation Nightclub, blasting those venues with sounds more lovingly characteristic of Europe’s underground scene. She remarks that this sound is very distinctive of the music she has grown up with, particularly the electronic sound.

Not only is MARSH LONG versatile in her electronic music style, being able to uplift the energy of various local events such as Thick as Thieves, Hardware Group, Eat The Beat and Melbourne Techno Collective. She is also adaptable by supporting a diverse range of artists like Harvey McKay, Phaxe, Nusha, Tred, Victor Ruiz, Luigi Madonna and Indira Paganotto.

She speaks fondly about the Europe scene, a dreamscape that she one day aims to find herself making music in. The twinkle of wonder in her eye when she mentions the haven of heavy doof that awaits in Berlin is unmistakable. She makes it apparent that these plans are far from an if, but more a question of when she will take her sound international.

MARSH LONG has emphasised the point that she wants her story to be one that is uplifting in the long run. Just like her music, she wants her story to leave people feeling inspired, hopeful or left with that zest for life that translates through her music.

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