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WIP Project Feature Profile - BEXX

Bexx, DJ, Perth, WIP Project





Describe your past year in one sentence...


How did you end up as a part of the music industry?

I was working for some live music venues, and just fell in love with the industry. Backstage, marketing, liasion, booking, performing, sound tech, literally every role in the industry interested me, like i was so down to do any of them. And I have actually ended up trying most of them, but of course performing/writing stole my heart.

Tell us about your sound...

BIG BOSS BITCH ENERGY ~~ hehe ~ I would say that I just LOVE to make music that you can feel really deeply in your body, whether that be fat basslines, heavy beats, or real catchy hooks. I just want to make music that makes other people feeeeeel themselves/ makes them feel super confident in their body, and big self-love empowering tracks to shake your booty to.

I just LOVE to make music that you can feel really deeply in your body

Do you have any new work coming out that you'd like to tell us about?

YES! I have three HUGE singles coming out in the next couple months with accompanying music videos (weeeee)! Stay tuned to my socials for those announces ;)

What’s the last really fun thing you did?

Oooooh! I would say every single set I get to do with my full band is SUUUPER fun and makes my heart happy, but yeah probably just running around my city on a Saturday night like a little menace going from gig to gig and partying. LOVE THAT.

How do you practice self care?

BATHS. I have so many baths! With the salts and the oils and the candles YES. But also self-care for me is alone time. I am such an extrovert and need to remember to plan out alone time b/c it is super healing for me, but sometimes I'm convinced I just want to socialise all the time. So scheduled alone time/ staying at my rents house/ staying in on the weekend (if i can). That shit is goooood.

What’s your favourite record at the moment?

Grimes - 4ÆM >>> Have not stopped listening to this one. I think the combination of club banger and drum n bass beast is so sick, definitely get a lot of inspiration for production from this track.

What's the best part about being in the music industry?

The LOVE. From other bands and from audiences/listeners. I feel truly accepted and supported in what I am doing and it is such a beautiful community when you find the right people.

Who inspires you?

My family for sure. My beautiful talented friends. Other females in the industry slaying it. Basically anyone who is forging their own path and going after what they love fearlessly. That is so dope.

Anyone who is forging their own path and going after what they love fearlessly. That is so dope.

What are your predictions for the future of dance music and the industry?

DIVERSITY. We can always do better. I also think the nature of dance music is transitioning into this 3D experience which is super exciting and waaay up my alley. More lights, interactive performances, surprise elements... I think heaps of artists and companies are trying anything and everything to keep the audience engaged and excited, so its a cool time of trial and error to be amongst!

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