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WIP Project Feature Artist - Pretty Girl





How did you end up as a part of the music industry?

Dance music was always the goal, even when I was making ambient synth-pop under 'Em', back in 2017. I got started just for fun on GarageBand when I was 16, and since then it's been a lot of hard work, but also a lot of serendipitous events and support that have pushed me to where I am today. My music fits into the "left-field house and techno" genre, and I work with a lot of warm, atmospheric, emotional sounds, producing everything with Ableton Live and my vocals.

Do you have any new work coming out that you'd like to tell us about?

I'm currently deep in production mode, working on four singles and an EP, so I'm expecting it will probably be another 6 or so months before I can announce anything. But I did recently record a mix for my friend Larry, who runs Gold Haus. It's a fun mix. Because I spend 99% of my time producing, I can't put much time into finding rare music, so my mixes are always just full of party bangers that I love listening to.

What’s the last really fun thing you did?

Being completely honest, life is pretty much the antithesis of fun at the moment. Probably the most fun thing I've done recently is play Mario Kart with my friends on a Friday night. But before the restrictions started, actually on the Thursday night before lockdown began back in March, I did a DJ set at Dr Morse for Floss's Arvo Girls. It was super quiet when I started and empty at the end besides me and my friends, so I ended up just playing all my unreleased music as well as songs like Sunset Lover by Petit Biscuit. It was pretty funny.

How do you practice self care?

By seeing a qualified psychologist, lol. But also, I try to be very open with myself. If I'm having a shit day where all my music sounds terrible to me and I feel overwhelmed and anxious about my project, I just let myself feel whatever I need to, have a cry about it, or whatever necessary. I also try to make active decisions with what makes me happy and what doesn't- yes to exercise and sleep, no to reading too much news and too much social media.

"I just let myself feel whatever I need to, have a cry about it, or whatever necessary."

What’s your favourite record at the moment and why?

I've been rinsing AK Sports' 'Polarize' EP. It's such a cohesive blend of grungy breaks and elaborate synth work, which creates a fantastic contrast between light and dark sounds. I also live for her creative reworking of the iconic synth line from 'In Yer Face' by 808 State, featured in the track 'Houdini'. Also, AK is a fellow WIP member. It's amazing seeing so many Australian women bring heat to the music world.

What's the best part about being in the music industry?

It's so hard to boil it down to a couple of factors, but most of all I love the people, and I love the amount of opportunity. I worked in a corporate job for a year and just really hated the rigidity of the corporate ladder, and the bureaucracy that you have to put up with to get anywhere. With the music industry, almost everything is driven by passion and creativity. If you have a dream, you can go out and make it happen, there are no rules. Most people are in the industry because they love music.

"If you have a dream, you can go out and make it happen, there are no rules."

What inspire you?

Hearing other artists tell their stories, especially from the perspective of other women, or BIPOC artists. When people recount the ways that they overcame insecurity or hardship as an emerging artist, it makes me feel so much more at peace with the feelings I have now. Also my mum, who is a kick ass surgeon, has inspired me to take pride in everything I do, and work as hard as possible.

Emilia Predebon AKA Pretty Girl

What are your predictions for the future of dance music and the industry?

I think as we emerge from the pandemic, because of travel restrictions, we'll see a lot more spotlight on local talent. Which is something I'm so excited for, as every city in the world has such a unique scene, and unique music that arises from that. I would also love to see artists earning more for their music being streamed, since it's become pretty obvious during the pandemic that most artists cannot support themselves without regularly performing, which is a daunting prospect.

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